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Application - Eligibility Requirments



Revised September 2008

To be eligible for certification in Radiation Oncology through the Board of Certification in Radiology (BCR), the applicant must:

  1. Submit a Radiation Oncology application form complete with required application processing fee, two (2) passport-size photographs taken within the last 90 days, and a notarized signature.

  2. Be in conformity with the Code of Ethics of the American Board of Physician Specialties, be known in his/her community as an ethical member of the profession, and be an active specialist in Radiation Oncology.

  3. Be a graduate of a recognized college of medicine confirmed by a copy of allopathic/osteopathic degree or a letter of verification from the institution where the degree was earned. In the case of foreign medical schools, an English transcription of the documents is also required. Graduates of foreign medical schools must also include a copy of the ECFMG Certificate. Canadian medical schools and medical training programs are considered equivalent to U.S. medical schools and medical training programs.

  4. Hold a valid and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the United States or its territories or in Canada and submit copies of all licenses. License(s) must include date of expiration.

  5. Submit curriculum vitae which includes medical school experiences and degree earned in chronological order.

  6. Have completed an ACGME-accredited PGY-1 program or an AOA-accredited internship and have completed an ACGME or AOA-accredited residency in Radiation Oncology.

    The ABPS now accepts all residencies accepted by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC). ABPS therefore now accepts all residencies approved by ACGME, AOA, or RCPSC. It should be noted that the ABPS accepts ALL medical residencies approved by the RCPSC, including approved residencies outside Canada.


  7. Provide three (3) letters of recommendation from physicians in your community or specialty. Letters of recommendation must be current and on letterhead stationary, which includes a telephone number. Letters submitted on plain paper without an address or telephone number of the signatory are not acceptable. The BCR requires original letters; copies are not acceptable. The BCR recommends that the letters be sent to the applicant for inclusion with other application documents.

  8. All U.S. physicians must do a self-Query of the National Practitioner Data Bank and submit a sealed (unopened envelope) copy of the report as part of the application process. The report need not be submitted with the application but must be provided in order for the applicant to be approved to take the written examination. For information on performing a self-query of the Bank, go to the website www.npdb-hipdb.hrsa.gov for information.


    All Canadian physicians must request and submit a testament statement from each province in which a license is held, verifying that there have been no disciplinary actions against the applicant.


  9. All physicians must allow AAPS to perform a background check, attested by initialing the appropriate line on the application form.

  10. All physicians must submit the signed candidate appeal form.

  11. Payment of appropriate fees. To view the fee schedule, click here.


To have an application considered by the BCR Credentials Committee, all application documents must be compiled in a notebook. The BCR recommends that the applicant keep a copy of all application documents submitted to the ABPS.

Application - Eligibility Requirments

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